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How to prepare for your plastering work..

So you've booked a date for us to start your plastering (you've made the right choice) but what are the things you need to consider before we start? Be prepared..Plastering is a messy job so clearing out the room as much as possible is a must and cover anything that can’t be taken out of the room where possible for your peace of mind. We will also bring dust sheets and protective coverings. Prep work can be time consuming, so bear that in mind before the plastering starts. We are more than happy to do this as part of your job. but if you want to do this yourself, preparing your walls thoroughly before your plasterer starts work will save time.

The walls would also need to be stripped so they are completely free of wallpaper. We can also do this for you. We will need to have access to the water supply. Think about the route to the water source that doesn't involve having to bring the plaster through the entire house, if we need to carpets will need to be covered (remember, it's a messy business)

Are you happy for us to remove skirtings? For most jobs it makes life a lot easier and time effective. Ideally, plastering takes 10-14 days to cure before painting. So book a date in the diary in advance for us to complete the job.

Let's get plastered..

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