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Decorating For Busy Parents! We can make juggling decorating and kids easier...

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

We know how hard it can be juggling kids and everyday life...where are you supposed to find enough hours (or energy) to keep on top of the decorating?

As a family run business we understand how important it is for your wellbeing to keep the house looking good, its all about creating your own safe haven, a place that is personalised to your own tastes and your family's specific needs. We can help you put your personality into your home...and give you more time to take care of the kids and importantly, save you time so you can look after yourself. There's a few ways that we can help you if your finding it difficult to find time to get the decorating done or if there's something else stopping you, check out how we can help...


If for any reason you have trouble moving the furniture around safely or if you are a single mother or father and need a helping hand, just ask us in advance and we will make extra time to help you move things out of the way or if possible we will do it for you, so don't be worried if things are in the way preventing you from having the walls done..just let us know and we will do our best to assist.


Don't have time to go out and get the paint? Just ask us and most of the time we can grab it for you so you don't have to juggle paint tins and kids down the street.


Do you have a specific budget? or a tight budget? Or perhaps you only have a set amount each month? Not to worry! We have standard prices and inclusive packages so you know exactly what your paying, We can offer you a custom plan. Let us know your budget and your decorating needs and we will let you know what we can do for your price range. We can even offer a schedule so that the work is done in stages for example 1 room per month making it more affordable and easier for you to organise each room ready for decorating. Call us on: 07599040084

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